Frequently Asked Questions


Our motto is "Creativity Equals Productivity." Find out how CCT can transform your workplace creatively. 

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Benjamin Lloyd facilitates a training. 

Benjamin Lloyd facilitates a training. 

This video shows us running one of the games we play with groups in the first hour of a workshop. 


What kind of company uses your services?

Any company that uses interpersonal relationships as an important part of their work. We have worked with management and educational groups, workforce training cohorts, government staff, and customer relations professionals. Ideal for mission-driven people and organizations .

How much time does it take to impliment your work?

All of our work begins with an in-person meeting with the manager hiring us. This meeting allows us to understand the client's culture, goals and challenges. From that meeting we design a program individually suited to your needs. From initial meeting to follow up after the workshop is about 4 weeks.  

CAn individuals use your services? 

Yes! We provide outstanding individual coaching and evaluation for program managers, directors, team members and lawyers. See our Services page for more info! 

Does my team need to improvise or act as a part of your training?

No. Unlike other improv-based corporate training, we do not ask your team to improvise in front of each other - that's what we do! However, if someone from your team wants to play in - we gladly invite them. And any group workshop we offer will include an essential warm-up component, which includes creative games that everyone plays together. 

How do you price your workshops?

First, we need to learn about you and your team. After we understand your needs, we submit a proposal for your evaluation which will include a fee for services. Variables that affect our fee include length of workshop (hours), number of participants, and complexity of theme or challenge. We will offer discounts for clients that hire us for a series of workshops and trainings.