Benjamin Lloyd facilitates after the presentation of a scenario.

Benjamin Lloyd facilitates after the presentation of a scenario.

“I will be more understanding of the concept that life itself is an improvisation and I need to be mindful in the way I act based on the circumstances and the environment around me. I will also be mindful of how I give and receive criticism from peers, supervisors, and direct reports.”
— LeBow program participant
CCT: CAI DelVal 2019 "Residents in Conflict". This is a PORTION of the scenario we presented.

In depth description:

We create scenarios for groups examining challenging topics which are tailored to our client's specific requirements. First we meet with you to find out more about your work, and the issues that matter to you. Then we design a scenario or two to perform for your group, based on our conversation and your directions. We have worked with with Drexel Lebow School of Business, GlaxoSmithKline and Merck among others.

Imagine a group examining friction between divisions. We create a scenario(s) performed by our team which illustrates the situation. Your team diagnosis it and gives us real-time feedback. Then we replay it using your notes and adjustments, and each time it gets a little better and more in line with the goal you are trying to achieve.  Best of all, your group feels like there has been an original play written just for them, and performed by accomplished actors! 

Our scenarios are created using "structured improvisation." With no script, we can make adjustments in front of your team during the workshop, based on their feedback. Our team is comprised of two extraordinary leader/facilitators, and a core of accomplished actor/improvisors.

Read excepts from Michelle Baxter’s Drexel University Master’s Thesis on the benefits of using performance creativity to enhance business productivity. Click here.

scenario-Based workshops

Our basic four-hour workshop addresses your issues/themes/challenges and includes:

  • initial planning meeting

  • optional collaboration on workshop rehearsal and design

  • delivery of four hour workshop (includes breaks), with one lead facilitator and two performance assistants: games and exercises, two performed scenarios, wrap up exercise, hand-outs to take away.

  • follow up meeting to assess impact

  • can be adjusted down to 2 hours, and up to 6 hours.

Requirements: a room large enough to hold us and your team both sitting and standing.  Our team of three will serve up to 29 participants. Thirty and above requires one additional performance assistant. Contact us for a quote.

Customer service: A partnership with Cooperstein Hospitality.

We bring to life Jamie Cooperstein’s “Five Diamond” customer service presentation.

  • defining "role" vs. "person"

  • focusing on specific goals for each encounter

  • big picture thinking

  • managing conflict and asking for help

  • team support for individual challenges

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compliance training

Let us support your company meeting its compliance with mandatory state and federal regulations and statutes, including: 

  • Sensitivity training

  • Reporting procedures

  • Emergency scenarios

  • Codes of conduct

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A scenario being rehearsed by performance assistants Kiersten Adams and Bob Stineman.

Topic Workshops 

Our scenario-based approached applied to specific themes:

These are three-hour workshops which include games, exercises, performed scenarios and discussion/feedback.

  • Feeling The Heat: Managing Conflict Effectively. Conflict - between employees, managers and subordinates, and customers and workers - is inevitable. Learn how to handle conflict before it gets out of hand.

  • What’s The Vibe? Mastering Emotional Intelligence. We believe that how you say something is as important as what you’re saying. Dive into the world of feelings - yours and others - and how they impact your work.

  • Embracing The Paradox Mindset: non-binary leadership for the 21st century. We live and work in a culture addicted to a zero-sum, either/or, win at all costs mindset. This workshop creates the distinction between binary thinking and paradox thinking, when we can hold seeming opposites together in a dynamic whole.

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Live presentation coaching

$150/hour — One on one coaching for your presentation. Includes:

  • integration of your printed or projected media

  • voice and breath control

  • anxiety management strategies

  • body relaxation and presentation techniques

Requirements: you provide the material you are presenting, and a private room for us to work in which will support that material. We do the rest!  Coaching includes one hour preliminary meeting. 

voice, diction and speech

 $150/hour — Evaluation of and support for your delivery of speeches, legal work, presentations, and leadership events such as meeting facilitation and internal group events. Accents and dialects evaluated and adjusted for ease of comprehension. 

support for lawyers

 $150/hour We support your extraordinary introduction, examination, and summation.

  • jury relationship

  • breath, volume and nuance

  • effective use of props and evidence

  • eye-contact strategies